My favorite English expression – say this out loud when things get overwhelming!


This is one of my favorite expressions in English.
I literally say it out loud every day.
Sometimes while dancing in my kitchen.

I’m expanding my team and my first question was ‘What brings you joy and how can we increase that when you join my team?’ Then I followed up with ‘What can I do to help you love your life even more?’

She was shocked but this is how I am. I’m used to people being surprised that I start with joy and gratitude right away. This is how I conduct interviews with all my team members. And this is why I have a stellar team.

My team brings me joy, balance, and sanity.
Joy first. Joy is always first. So grateful!

The next time you feel overwhelmed, think of (or even better, WRITE IT DOWN – thoughts become building blocks when they are written down.) 5 things you are grateful for. Waking up indoors and knowing that you can have a meal today are 2 good ones to start with. Keep it simple and clear. Before you know it, you might have filled a whole page!

Print this out and hang it up where you need to see it.
Things can get very horrible very fast.
We are in the middle of a social, economic, medical and humanitarian crisis. And we are bombarded with reminders of this several times a day.

Let’s try to find goodness and magic where we can.
Don’t give up looking. It’s there.

It’s not WHERE you look. It’s HOW.
What are you grateful for today?
I’m grateful that you read this!
Thank you darling and see you next week!


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