New year, new you?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, sweet darling!

Are you ready to start the new year off right?
Full of confidence and ready to rock the world?

You don’t feel awesome about yourself in English?
You feel less intelligent than you really are when you have to speak (or sing, pitch, or present) in English?
I got you, boo!

I’ve spent the last 30 years helping people feel fantastic in English. I’ve got a client portfolio filled with global celebrities, CEOs, politicians, entrepreneurs, and artists. You’ve been to their concerts, heard their TED talks, and seen their work on screens both big and small. For my clients, every word counts. (For one of them, 183 million people watched them perform live. Just sayin’.)

I spent 3 years developing my Rock That Mouth membership program. It’s different from anything else out there because it’s totally rock and roll, super fun and highly effective. I show you how to unlock your true fluency by sharing all my pro tips and tricks about what native speakers do in English that non-native speakers have to work so hard to master.

This is what people say about my Rock That Mouth program:

“I am amazed how Buffi can hear in 2 minutes exactly where the attention points are. It’s so clear she’s been doing this for 30 years. I learned more in my feedback session than I ever did at school, as this was specifically geared to my own pronunciation.” – Karen

“Buffi showed me how to link words, mute certain endings, vibrate, and punch certain sounds. As a professional voiceover artist, this is the difference between ‘good’ and absolutely ‘great’. Thanks, Buffi!” – Sieger

“I’m German, and a backing singer for Joss Stone.  I wanted to sound more natural onstage during our last tour. After working with Buffi, Joss heard a difference right away! This course is a MUST for all singers who want to improve how they sing in English!” – Petra

Whether you’re a singer, a voiceover artist, an entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to sound more natural in English, my Rock That Mouth program is waiting for you!

Are you ready to vibrate, punch, mute, and rock with me?
Yes, you are.

The doors to Rock That Mouth are open for 1 week only. They close on January 16 until the spring, so that I can focus on my members getting the most out of the program, and drown them in Buffilove!

Join me on a learning journey today! Click here to find out more! 


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