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Hello you delicious you! Did you know that you are absolutely my very favorite you in the whole world? No one rocks it like you do, sweet you. Stay you because if you weren’t you that would kind of suck. Ok? Ok!

I’m feeling so festive because I love the holidays! I truly enjoy finding new recipes and cooking for friends and family, sitting by the fire in my jogging suit for days on end with a pile of new books just waiting to be devoured…..ooh the list is endless. Until that time, I’m on a home sprint – so many exams to correct, albums to finish, deadlines to meet…but….I. Will. Get. There. (Notice I don’t say when this miracle will happen. But it will….at some point!)

Oops. I totally forgot to mention the gift part. I don’t pay much attention to that, really. Except when it comes to giving you stuff, like discounts on everything in my webshop. It’s all about family, good food, fab music and relaxing, but….if you want to give/receive gifts, here are some handy phrases to help you:


“This is for you.” (Say this while handing over a gift to someone, not before you hit him/her or something.)

“I thought this would be perfect for you!” (This showcases your personal shopping skills!)

“I saw this and couldn’t help but buy/get/steal it for you!”

“I thought this would really go well with your new shirt/alligator/car.”

“It’s just something small, but it’s the thought that counts, right?” (If they say ‘wrong’, grab it back immediately!)

“I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you.” (They should sigh at this point.)

“I still have the receipt in case it’s the wrong size/color/flavor (or in case you hate it).”


“Oh, thank you so much!”

“It’s what I’ve always wanted!”

“That’s so kind of you!”

“How lovely, thank you!”

“How did you ever figure out what I needed/wanted?”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have! But I’m so glad you did!”

“Thank you so much! But I already have this, and one diamond-encrusted dog collar is truly enough. Do you still have the receipt, by any chance?”

So darling, I really hope this makes you feel more comfortable and confident this holiday season. That’s the biggest gift I can give you as a coach – the gift of confidence. I kind of live for that.

Sending you a week full of moments to remember – may you share them with people you love.  Why wait until Christmas to create some great memories? Start now!

Wit lof x buffi

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