One of my dreams came true yesterday…..and it’s all because of YOU!

Happy December, my darling!
It’s the last month of the year.
The last time to make a difference in 2018.
The last chance to stop smoking, learn how to knit, ask that hottie out, cycle up that Austrian mountain, create your own signature fragrance, design heels that are actually comfortable, and REALLY join that gym. Really.

This month, just like the rest of the year, will FLY by.
It’s crazy.
And I wanted this year to end with a bang.
I’m not talking fireworks.
I mean, a big bang.
A big heartbeat and brainwave bang – which, for me, means making a true connection with other people.

So many of you write me back after reading your weekly slice of Buffilove.
So many of you want to connect.
To feel like you’re part of a learning community.
And guess what?
Now you truly ARE.

Based on what I’ve been seeing, reading, and hearing from my followers on social media, I wanted to create a hub, a home, a hangout for English teachers, and learners.

So, my darling, yesterday I launched…

BUFFILAND MBE – Much Better English! on Facebook.

You all know what an MBA is, but now it’s time to change the game with an MBE program!

My new group is a happy, supportive, closed community and it’s the only place I’ll be doing live, free lessons on a regular basis. You’ll find shizzle there that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s all about learning and laughing together. Heck, I’d even dare to say it’s worth joining Facebook for!

I opened the doors yesterday to the first 100 members. It’s a wonderful feeling, seeing the reactions of the new members and how many people are ready to interact with me and with each other in Buffiland (where we have gin and tonic waterfalls, by the way). I’m so excited to create this online world, and to see the real and meaningful connection we can all make with each other. Where making mistakes is ok. Asking questions is awesome. And learning and growing together as a community is what it’s all about.

I’d love it if you joined me there! 

Only the motivated need apply, so you have to answer 3 questions first. I’ll be opening the doors once a week to let in new members.

I have never managed a group before. I have no idea what I’m doing, actually. But that didn’t stop me when I decided on a whim to be the first English teacher in Prague in 1990. It didn’t stop me when I left my safe, well-paid job to create an industry that didn’t exist. It didn’t stop me when I decided to teach 10,000 people English grammar at Lowlands.

I follow my heart, always.
And my heart tells me that I had to do this, based on the connection I feel with many of you!

So thank you for that.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sending you a big hug!

XX buffi
Founder of Buffiland MBE

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