Over a decade of lyrical miracles…

Have you heard of Tim Knol?

We go way, way back. He was phat then, and he’s still phat today if you ask me!
We’ve been working together for way over a decade now.

He’s such an old soul. But he’s also super fit, fun, funny, kind, generous, and his talent truly takes my breath away. His new album, Lightyears Better, is now out, and he worked so hard on it! And I’m so thrilled to see our song Love Lines made it to the new album. I know how critical he is, and it means a lot to me that this one made the final cut. When we work together, the energy just flows and before we know it, another song is done!

As a coach, how do I know when a song is done?
It’s when your heart and your head hold hands.

Working on lyrics and pronunciation is something I LOVE to do. I’m going to do a new album soon for another top artist you all know and love. Can’t wait to share that one with you too, next year!

You can buy the album everywhere, or listen to it on Spotify. Tim is also on tour throughout the Netherlands now,  so grab a ticket if you can and catch him live – such a wonderful artist and truly one of the kindest people I know.

See you next week!


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