We did it!
We survived the most insane year ever.
Despite the pandemic, the appalling trainwreck of Trumpism, and year full of social/economic/health crises, I went through my year and found so many highlights. And lowlights. I wanted to share a few with you today:

JANUARY – A jam-packed coaching schedule full of amazing clients, like Buddy Vedder and Frits Sissing. A long and happy waiting list. Hired a new team member. The year is off to a great start! This is going to be the Best. Year. Ever!

FEBRUARY –Off to Bali to teach for my educational Foundation and implement the new lesson materials that the students of Hogeschool Rotterdam had developed. Then a week of spiritual growth in a silent retreat. Turned my phone on again on February 22 and read about Corona hotspot in Singapore while I was at the airport waiting to fly… to Singapore.

MARCH – 4 days of phone calls meant 7 months of work cancelled. I lost 95% of my coaching clients. I had to pivot, and fast. I started waling 10 km a day to clear my mind and develop new ideas.

APRIL-  I developed, filmed, and launched my new 12-week training course Sunday’s Cool. Tim Knol turned my poem ‘The Strangest Spring’ (written during one of those long walks) into a song. My Great in 8 program sold out.

MAY – I started work on Danny Vera’s new album, launched 2 new webinars and kicked off the TEDXAmsWomen season. I also did 30 Live Lockdown Lessons on Instagram. The Eurovision Song Contest, where I was the coach for both the Dutch and the Belgian entry, was cancelled.

JUNE – I launched long-term (online) coaching packages. People were booking in 3,6, and 12 months. I marched with Black Lives Matter.

JULY – I started Podcast + Vlog Coaching as so many people had started doing this during lockdown.

AUGUST – Our month in America turned into 2 days in Belgium. I launched my Friday Fun video series to lighten things up a bit and learn with a smile.

SEPTEMBER – Continued my coaching for TEDxAmsWomen and started working more face-to-face. Started my new Great in 8 group, which I kept very small so that we could still have a live day. Attended my first Corona-proof funeral. Shattered me to my soul.

OCTOBER – Did the Op1 show from 2-6 am while watching the first Presidential Debate, and was on Jinek discussing Election Stress (which I now realize I had for many, many months).

NOVEMBER – Was up for 40 hours in my bathrobe watching the election results come in and then cried for about 40 hours afterwards.

DECEMBER – Had a successful TEDxAmsWomen event and ended my volunteer career as a Senior Speaker Coach. Launched my Communicate With Confidence Masterclass package 2 days before Christmas. Escaped to a small house in the country where I wrote you this in my pajamas.

It’s been quite the year. When I look back I can’t even begin to truly fathom what we’ve all gone through. It’s been a lot. So, so much. I really think it will take some time for us to recover from this rock and rollercoaster of a year.

But I’m still here.
And if you are reading this, so are you.
There is so much to look forward to.

A new President, a new vaccine, continuing to serve my clients and expand my coaching services, developing new educational products, expanding my team, and spending lots of time with my family. We went from eating 2 meals a week together to eating 14 meals a week together. And we still like each other. Amazing, right?

Thank you for sticking around with me this year. Connecting with all of you has meant so much to me, more so this year than ever before.
Sending you light and love, health and happiness, for this year and every year after.

Happy, healthy New Year.

With so much love and gratitude,

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