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Hello, sunshine!

I’m so happy to be in your inbox once again!
How has your week been going so far (notice how I say “has been going”…because the week has just started and is still continuing…ooh I love the Present Perfect Progressive!). Wait, what? You’re still recovering from your trip? OMG me too!

What’s Up In Buffiland 

I’ve been up to my usual shenanigans – working closely with Bart vd Weide on the new Racoon album, advising Jacqueline Govaert on a song she wrote for Giel’s world record attempt at doing 190 hours of live radio, making Giel raw vegan energy bars to help him get through it (and he’s doing an amazing job, by the way…almost there!), preparing for auditions at the Rockacademie, writing final exams (ooh, can’t wait to correct those babies…not!) and working on my next Webinar – more on that soon!

Mi Padre Es Loco

I don’t know if you remember the video I made with my dad (featuring his rainbow wig) but here’s another one we made for you….with my kids joining in on the fun! We discuss homographs…yup. Know what those are? Find out here! 

Ch-ch-check it out but don’t choke the eagle 

I coach rappers as well as singers and use rap a lot in my lessons as a learning resource. If you’ve ever listened to rap and don’t know what something in the lyrics means, you might want to check out this handy site. Ok, time to wrap it up!

Your questions – answered! 

“Hey, Buffi, what’s the difference between ‘who’s’ and ‘whose’? I always mix them up!” – D, in a lesson.

Yo, D! I totally understand. They are very easy to mix up – they sound exactly the same but have different meanings. Very different! ‘Who’s’ is short for ‘Who is’. It’s used for things like ‘Who’s going to the party tonight?” or “Who’s looking forward to the weekend?” (I am!) . “Whose” is used to ask questions, for example “Whose bag is this?” or to show which person or thing you are asking about, like “The girl whose shoe got dirty  decided to never wear stilettos while mud wrestling again.”  I hope that helps!

Every time we say goodbye I die a little…

It’s very hard to leave you like this, at the bottom of your lovely screen. But never fear, I’ll be back right at the top of this very screen in just a few more days! Thank you so much for signing up and reading this newsletter – every day we get new subscribers! If you’d like to see me cover anything, don’t hesitate to let me know via Facebook or Twitter!

Sending you an empty beach and a huge book and 4 palm trees and an enormous mojito and a broken sundial… my head!

Wit lof from buffi x

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