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How are you on this fine, fine Monday, darling? What? You say you’re a bit…cold? That it’s chilly outside? Well, darling, let me show you chilly… Now take off your mittens, because I’m going to ask you to start typing.


…on the Conditionals (Say what, mama? Conditionals?!?). Yes, darling. The Conditionals. This is a fancy way of making a sentence with 2 parts – the ‘if’ part, and the ‘consequence’ part. We have 3 different forms and they are fun to use! Take this testand see how you do – you might be better than you think! (If you didn’t do well, do not be alarmed. Chapters 12-14 of Rock Your English! will clear that up right away!


video! Today I’m going to Save Your Ass in a Minute and a Half and stop you from sounding ruder than you mean to! Yes, that’s right, sweet, sweet name. Many languages have a ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ form of ‘you’, but English only has ‘you’. So how do we express different degrees of formality? Check my video here!


I’m really proud to be one of the speakers at the new BrandedU event in Amsterdam on March 18th. Lots of amazing women will be talking to lots of amazing women about career planning, marketing, and more! Here’s my video on why it’s ok to talk about what you are good at, especially if you’re a woman, in preparation for the event.


“Hey Buffi, can you tell me the difference between ‘in time’ and ‘on time’? I always mix them up!” – from D, a student.

Thanks for asking! ‘In time’ means having enough time to do something. For example, you can say ‘I want to wake up in time to see the sunrise’ (something I have never said, for the record). ‘On time’ means according to schedule – ‘My meeting didn’t start on time because we were busy fighting over the last donut.’ Can you use both in a sentence? Bet you can! ‘I woke up in time to take the train which fortunately left on time so I was able to choose the best donut at work this morning!’ Hope that helps, D!


Thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today! I really love it here. I make these weekly Buffiloveletters just for you, so if you have any suggestions on how to make them better, faster, and smarter – just let me know! Thanks!

Sending you a hot tub full of hotties who read you poetry sloooowly while feeding you grapes…in my head!

Wit lof from buffi x

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