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You Rock!

‘Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat, baby…’

Oh. Hello. Sorry. Didn’t notice you sitting there. Which is RIDICULOUS because you’re so gorgeous. And of COURSE my song is totally wrong for today…because YOU ROCK! (Even when you’re not on a boat.) And can I just tell you I’m so glad you didn’t get that tattoo we talked about?


I was thrilled to be invited to my darling BLØF’s show at the new Ziggodome in Amsterdam (which is not a dome, by the way). They won the first ever Radio 2 Milestone Prize. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of fellas. I’ve loved and worked for them for many years.

Come join me in Amsterdam on December 15th for a fresh and fabulous workshop to get your English to really rock! If you’d like to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more – this for you! Get coached and jump my waiting list. All this for less than 10 euros an hour! Sign up here!

I did a Rock Your English! workshop at Muzikantendag on November 3. We worked on activating vocabulary and descriptive language to make lyrics more dynamic, and lots of other shizzle. A blast was had by all.


Watch out with the difference between I have worked’ and ‘I worked’.

If you say ‘I have worked’, this means that the time situation is not finished. For example ‘I have worked so hard this week!’ This week is not finished; that’s why you need the ‘have’. If the time situation is over, then leave out the ‘have’. ‘I worked so hard yesterday.’ is correct.


“Hey, B, when do you use ‘you and I’ and when do you use ‘you and me’?”  – from my favorite newsreader (seriously, he’s the bestest!) Rachid Finge, via Twitter.

Well, I’ll tell you a little secret. If you take out the ‘you and’ part, and try saying the sentence with just ‘I’ or ‘me’, then you’ll hear which is right. Trust me. ‘He’ll call either you or me’ is correct, because you’d say ‘He’ll call me.’ ‘You and I should go to that workshop’ is groovy because you’d start that sentence with ‘I’, anyway. Hope that helps!

Well, my honeys, I’d really love to spend all day with you, but I’ve got a new client who desperately needs my help…

So off I go, sending you a chocolate and margarita (this happens all the time in Buffiland…)-  filled waterfall with the Chippendale of your choice hiding behind it…in my head,

Wit lof from Buffi x


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