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I’m so so sorry to interrupt your lunch break. I know how hard you worked to make that lovely lunch. However, I just had to tell you, put down that lunch and listen to me for a second….YOU ROCK!!! Good. Glad I got that off my chest. You can go back to eating your rabbit-shaped apple in just a second. This newsletter will be a quickie ;).


I gave a Rock Your English! workshop in Amersfoort this week, to aspiring Muzikale Ondernemers. Oh, and you know that an ‘ondernemer’ is NOT an ‘undertaker’, right? They are ‘entrepreneurs’. An undertaker does this.

I spent quality time with my wifey Anneke van G and we are hatching up a very special something for Serious Request…watch this space!

I was featured in Sena Performers Magazine, where I talked about Dutch songwriters and English lyrics. Check it hier.


If you don’t have a lot of time, you don’t want to deal with my waiting lists (hello, March), and you don’t have a big budget, then my Rock Your English! Winter Session is for you. I promise you will learn everything from grammar to pronunciation, activate your English and make it sparkle, laugh at least 10 times, and spend less than 10 euros an hour. Grab a friend and join me! Details hier .


TOO or TO? TOO = used for emphasis –too much, too expensive, too often. Also means ‘also’. “OMG! I like chocolate too. Now bring me some!” TO= before a verb (to go, to study) or place (to school, to the office) or a person (“Give that huge gin and tonic to Buffi. Fast!”).

LIVE or LIFE? LIVE= you see bands perform live. You live in your home. I live to Rock Your English! LIFE= what you have before you die. Some people believe in life after death. I believe in life before death!

THEY’RE, THERE or THEIR? THEY’RE= they are. They’re getting ready to mud wrestle later. THERE= not here. The mud-wrestling contest will be held over there (pointing to a large kiddie pool filled with mud). THEIR= belonging to them. The mud wrestlers have to remember to tie their bikinis extra tight this time! 😉

OK DARLINGS, GOTTA LOVE YOU AND LEAVE YOU because I’m going to listen to…um…what was his name again?

Sending you all a silver platter, covered in tons of (insert your favorite food here), brought by (insert hunk/hunkette of your dreams here), in my head…

Wit lof,

buffi x

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