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Oh, my darling, forgive me, as I cling to you and your amazing self for just a moment…I’m a bit emotional as I write this, because…this…is…my…last newsletter.

Of 2012.



I’m still enjoying the afterglow from 2 magical moments in my life…I hosted my first Rock Your English! Event – my Winter Workshop, and it was fantastic!! So many people came, and one even flew in to Amsterdam just for the workshop (I uberlove you Ralf!). We worked on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and the day just flew by! A huge thank you to all the awesome people who came! We will do this again in March- spread the word!

I also had the honor of hosting a living room concert for mr aballadeer. My house was filled with 30 people I had never met before (‘post it on twitter and they will come’), and everyone was mesmerized by the amazing music and all the food I made was gobbled up – always a good sign!

I was also on the cover of WISE Magazine and had an in-depth interview with Nol Havens.

Oh, and I’m the centerfold of this month’s BANDCOACH magazine! Check it out if you get a chance!

I compared bellies with Bart from Racoon, and I think he won.

I was on Radio 6 talking about where to buy the best bagel in Holland…no, just kidding…talking about (putting on George Clooney voice… ‘What else?’) learning English!


NO GRAMMAR. (This time.)

I just want you to have a break. Enjoy your holidays. Relax. Exhale. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or none/all of the above, please take a moment to count your blessings. I sure will.

As I reflect back on this amazing year, I realize how many wonderful things happened to me, and I am overflowing with gratitude.

*I recovered from knee surgery and will run my first race on Dec 31
*I watched my children grow and laugh and discover and LIVE
*I launched my online course
*I realized I can’t do it alone (l love you, Nancy and Anouk)
*I taught about 1000 students
*I learned much more than I taught
*I woke up next to someone awesome almost every day
*I travelled to different places
*I was moved to tears by strangers
*I got inspired and humbled by my artists
*I worked on my yoga handstand
*I realized it takes a LONG TIME to do a yoga handstand
*I realized I may never ever do a good yoga handstand
*I have nearly 700 fabulous people who let me slip into their inbox every Monday – and you, you sexy, gorgeous, you are one of them!

The only thing bigger than my gratitude is my heart. From mine, to yours, happy holidays!

Much love, light, and laughter for 2013, and way, way beyond.

Wit lof from Buffi

PS: Oh, I nearly forgot!! Serious Request, on 3fm, is something I’m very dedicated to. I will be answering phones to take your requests on Saturday, December 22, from 4-8 pm, please call and DONATE! And…Anneke van Giersbergen and I would love to take you disco bowling! Place your bids hier

Thank you for making my year so very, very special! See you on January 7th, my darling!!

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