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You. ROCK. Sweet darling, I am amazed that you even have time for reading emails because if you live in the Netherlands you are just moments away from the coronation! Yes. The co-ro-NA-tion. Then again, some people don’t get that crown.


Ooh! I went to Cologne (and boy, did it smell good) for some important meetings about Rock Your English! goes Germany! And Switzerland! And Austria! I will keep you posted on this new development, but for now, let’s just say it’s überexciting!

You might have seen the last episode of Golden Oldies, where I was seen crying and drinking whisky (so, just a typical day in Buffiland, really). If you missed it, here’s the link.

Here’s an exclusive backstage film I made in Carré….just for you! Hope you like it!

Oh, and sweet, I also went to Miami. That’s where I am right now actually. Sending you love, poolside! Even though I might be drinking a Mojito at this very moment, just know that you, and only you, darling, are in my thoughts. Always. (Well, almost always. Almost.)


Would you like to find out what the most common mistakes are when negotiating in English? Deal makers and deal breakers? How to use formal and informal language to spice up your professional English? My new workshop will focus on that and so much more! It’s not too late to sign up and get the EARLYBIRD discount. Space is limited, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out, so grab a colleague and grab your tickets today! Here’s how!


“Hello Miss Buffi, can you please tell me why ‘I have called them last week’ is wrong? We can say it that way in Dutch!” – from M, via email.

Oh sweet M, I know, I know. In Dutch you can use ‘hebben’ to talk about things that are finished – ‘Ik heb haar gisteren gesproken’ for example. However, in English, the Present Perfect (has been, have gone, has known, etc – chapter 5 in Rock Your English!) is used for situations that are not finished. For example – ‘I have been to Paris twice this year.’ Or ‘She has not seen her boss this week, and that’s why she is photocopying her underwear.’ If a situation is over (last week, last month, yesterday, etc) then use the Past Simple – ‘I went to Paris twice last year’, or ‘She saw her boss yesterday and got fired.’ For more practise on these forms, try the free exercises on my site! Answers are included. (I trust you. Check the answers after you’ve done the exercises…not before!)


And leave you for a short time. I’m off…to swim with my kids and prepare for our trip to Chicago next week. That’s why there won’t be a newsletter on May 6th, but I’ll slip right into your inbox the week after, I promise!!

Sending you a swimming pool full of Pina Colada, a straw, and a looooooot of time. Oh, and a hot lifeguard to help you in case you get tired. See you in May, dahlink!

Wit lof from buffi  x

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