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OMG. (And I don’t mean Old Mama’s Girdle.)

Is it June already? Sweet darling, why didn’t you tell me already?!? I’m shocked. The next thing you’re going to tell me is that we’re nearly halfway through 2013! Oh, dear, time sure flies when you’re having fun. And I’m always having fun! Trust me, I am. Trust me!

Oh, by the way? You. Rock. Thought I forgot? Nevah!


Well, darlings the weather has been so awful that I heard that many Dutch people were emigrating to the tropics. I totally understand this and to make their transition even smoother I have decided to have a SUMMER SALE for tickets to my new workshop (I know it’s summer….somewhere..).

Use SALE as the discount code and get 50% off your ticket! Grab a friend and rock your business, pronunciation, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills! 15 June at Boom Chicago! Info here

I helped Sandra van Nieuwland prep for the studio, and helped put the finishing touches on Sharon Doorson’s debut album! Also been busy prepping for Muzikantendag in Rotterdam, final exams at the Rockacademie and Albeda College, and preparing for a huge announcement on June 11…but more on that in next week’s newsletter!


I stumbled across this cool site which will help you to learn new words easily. Check it out here. You see, I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help you improve your English! That’s how much I love you.


“Thank you for being such a good teacher. You sure teached me a lot.” from F, a former student.

Oh, sweet F, I know that you didn’t really ask me a question, but I just had to share this with my best newsletter friends. Thank YOU for such a great year! However, I’d just like to point out that I teached you nothing. Nada. Less than nada. Why? Because the past tense of ‘teach’ is ‘taught’. This means that it’s an irregular verb. Regular verbs end in ‘ed’ (walked, talked, danced, etc) and irregular verbs ….don’t. There’s not a lot of logic as to why it’s ‘teach-taught’ and ‘buy-bought’ but ‘has-had’ and ‘see-saw’. If you need extra help with these, check out chapter 3 and p 155 of my book Rock Your English!


But my personal trainer, Joanne, is waiting for my next session. Hey, do you think this ridiculously amazing body just happened by itself? Hell no! It takes a lot of work!

Sending you a swimming pool filled with your favorite liquid, 300 straws, and 299 really thirsty hotties…in my head.

Wit lof from buffi x

Call me, KJ.

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