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Hello, you delicious, amazing you! Thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today! I hope I’m not interrupting your coffee break!


My new fresh and fabulous site is live and kicking! (With really great shoes.) Thank you to Michael at for really capturing my spirit and for taking such fantastic pictures!



I’ve been working with Within Temptation on their new album and it’s going so well! I’m thrilled that their new song got over 1 million views in such a short time! We always start with the sketch of a song and make the best choices, word for word, emotion by emotion, and then it turns intosomething like this. One of the biggest rewards as a coach is seeing how a song has evolved from start to beautiful, glorious finish. I have been doing this for over a decade, but it gives me goosebumps each and every time!


These are 17 words that don’t exist in English, no matter how people try to use them. Even native speakers get it wrong, sometimes. How many of them have you used?


I do, and I assume you do. But maybe you really don’t? Maybe you signed up for this newsletter because someone held you up at gunpoint? Maybe you actually thought you would win a prize or something? Anyway, if you do speak English, you might find this funny. (If you don’t speak English, I know a book or two that might help you!)


In just a few short days I will be partying my (saved) ass off with some really amazing people celebrating the release of “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English”. And my book launch means so much to me because it’s a personal celebration of the power of YES. People took a chance on me and I’m forever grateful to all of them. Maybe one of them is you. If so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for letting me save your bottom!


“Why is it wrong to say ‘My chair has a beautiful backside?” – by G, during a lesson.

Darling, let me set it to you straight. Your chair does not have a backside. It has a front and a back. So does an envelope, a paper, a book, and many other things. A “backside” is someone’s bottom. Their ass. Their tushy. Did you know I have an entire chapter in my new book about ass-related expressions? Until you read it, just know that your chair has a lovely back. Thanks!


All good things come to an end and I’m afraid my little slice of Buffilove is no different. I hope you have a lovely day full of awsomeness, and I hope you get a Thai massage with lovely oil by someone who really really is good at their craft. And then they take you out for a fabulous dinner because they are really, really good at that too!

Wit lof from buffi x

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