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We. Did. It.
Dearest, darling,  I cannot thank you enough. You rock!

Sometimes you start with a dream. Then that dream becomes a plan. Then that plan becomes a challenge. Then that challenge becomes a new dream. And then that dream becomes a reality. This is what happened, and it happened because of you.

Thanks to you and hundreds of other kind souls like you, my new book ’30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English’ has become a delicious reality!

On Thursday I held our babies for the first time and boy did they smell good! The perfect size and weight, too!

We sent out all the pre-orders on after I had signed them all (after saying I could never hold chopsticks again with my left hand, my friend said – ‘Hey, let’s go out for sushi and celebrate!’ Funny. Not. ). And then the responses started coming in. All I can say is that it was overwhelming. So overwhelming to see the dozens of pictures people sent to me of them holding the book. The book that they all helped create. I am filed with gratitude and joy. There is no other feeling like it.Thank you all so very much.


I was in Telegraaf Vrouw last weekend, you can check the article here

I will also be featured in this week’s Vriendin magazine, with pictures and everything! I talk very honestly about my work, my thyroid disease (yeah, got one), my undying love for my artists, and why I live life to the fullest each and every day.

I’ll also be on Omroep Brabant TV on Thursday afternoon in their “Onder Ons” show. On Saturday afternoon, I’ll be a guest on their “Alles Mag Op Zaterdag” radio show – tune in! Check for the times.


“Hey Buffi, will you have a book-signing soon?”

Yes! I am doing “Save Your Ass” workshops for Muzikantendag on October 26 in Hilversum andNovember 9 in Deventer. I will be selling and signing books at the end of my workshops. for the times! Hope to see you there!


…because tomorrow (OMG it’s tomorrow already!!)  I’m partying with Hadewych Minis, Sharon Doorson, Eric Corton, a balladeer, Adriaan Persons, Charlie Dee, Sunday Sun, Mister & Mississippi and some other awesome people….they are so worth shaving for!!

Sending you a dream that becomes a plan that becomes a new dream and eventually an amazing reality….in my head. I truly, truly hope you all can feel what I feel one day soon, and often.

Wit lof,

buffi x


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