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WTF? I mean..Where’s The Fiesta? Why do you look so GORGEOUS today, my darling? I just have to take a second to tell you how lovely you look today. Your hair – did you cut it? It looks fabulous, and YOU ROCK! Oh, did you say you’re bald? Well, the light really reflects well on your handsome scalp. I love it!


So much! I recovered from Eurosonic and the week flew by! I was honored to have a private session with the amazing Lisa Portengen ( who won me at my last workshop. What an inspiring woman! Would you like to win a free lesson? You sure can – all you have to do is sign up for my Spring Is In The Air Workshop, on 2 March, at Muzy Q in Amsterdam. It’s perfect for getting feedback on your lyrics and pronunciation, if you don’t feel like joining my waiting list (hello, April!).

  • Here’s your personal video invitation
  • And here’s the breakdown of what we’re going to do

I also gave a ‘How To Save Your Ass In English’ presentation to a group of financial managers as part of their training day. I covered the top 15 English mistakes that business people shouldn’t make when doing business internationally. If you’d like to find out more about this fun and educational presentation, drop me a line at

I had a private session with the talented Laura van den Elzen, who is only 15 and a great singer and songwriter. I love working with emerging talent, and helping people discover their strengths in English. Laura told me she was scared to read in English in class at school, but after our session, she was full of confidence and ready to rock!


I found a cool new site that can translate words from other sites, and help you increase your vocabulary. It’s also a really cool online dictionary. Check out for the scoop!


And how are you going to organize all those new words you’re learning? Buy a pocket address book. Bingo! This is now your new personal dictionary. Use it to organize all your new words into categories that work for you. Keep it in your laptop bag or purse so that you always have it with you! Refer to it as often as you can. Use it or lose it, honey!


“What’s the difference between ‘have worked’ and ‘worked’? – from a student (I will not mention names because I love them all).

Well, my darling student, I will tell you IF YOU PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. Good. It’s really easy, actually. I worked/lived/studied is the Past Simple, that’s chapter 3 in my book, and it’s used for things that are finished. Done. History. Over. Things like ‘yesterday/last week/when I was a child/in 1988’, etc.

I HAVE or she HAS worked/lived/studied is the Present Perfect (chapter 5 in my book), used for things that are not finished. The time is still going on. Not for yesterday, but for ‘today/this week/this month/so far’, etc. These sentences are correct:

  • I have worked on my report all day. (I’m still working on it, oy vey!)
  • I worked really hard on my report yesterday. (The time is finished.)

Hope that helps you out!

Well, my dearest, all good things must come to an end, including my weekly love letter to you. Hope to see you at my new workshop, hope to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter or on my Youtube channel.

Miss you already – sending you an enormous bouquet of your favorite flowers, carried by the studmuffin or cheeky chica of your choice, who picks you up in a private airplane and flies you to the island of your dreams….in my head.

Wit lof from buffi. x

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