Save the best for last….?

I cannot believe it. December starts this weekend.
Just a few more weeks (that will fly by in a blur) and then….it’s 2019!!
What are you going to do to go out with a bang?
I’m not talking about fireworks on New Year’s.
I mean – what will you do to make this month, December, the last one of the year – the BEST one?
What kind of fabulous things can you cram into that month to make it a memorable one?
I’ve got some big plans for December.
I’m in full swing of TEDxWomen (have been for weeks, actually), which is on 6 December, and t’m proud to be the speaker coach for 50% of the people on that amazing stage. It’s an honor to help people shape and share their story (and spend some time in Parliament doing so, but more on that later).
After that I’m focussing on a few private clients in VIP Deep Dives (there are just a few spaces left for January if you’re interested) and designing new in-company training courses for 3 new businesses which have booked me in for December.
I’m also going to take a few days off and hide in a small apartment in a new city to finalise the design of a new online program I’m launching in 2019 that will make the world smile and learn.
Oh, and I’ve got dinner/sauna/forest walks/lunch/shopping in Antwerp dates with friends and lovers planned too! And I’m looking forward to Harper’s Bazaar’s Woman Of The Year Awards, which I was honored to host last year!
I also bought a Kindle and the first book on it is Michelle Obama’s. So looking forward to reading that!
And more. Lots more.

What are you going to do for YOU in December 2018?
What’s important to you? Plan it now. Take that small but mighty first step to reap the rewards in 2019 and make it a year to remember.
If you want to make 2019 the year of confidence, bigger international contacts and deals (hello new career and bigger wallet), confidence on stage, and feeling like a badass in English, I’ve got a small step for you now that will lead to awesomeness in 2019! Ready to break borders, both professionally and personally?
Let’s go!

If you get nervous speaking English, avoid situations where you need English, feel stupid in English (hey, I feel stupid in Dutch all the time, I feel you!) and want to get back to basics and build up a strong foundation from the start, join me at my English Confidence Boo(s)tcamp in March.

If you are already comfortable in speaking English but want a more advanced, professional program, so that you can ‘play’ with the language for meetings, negotiations, and writing, expand your vocabulary and use advanced grammar accurately and naturally, do come to my Taking Care Of Business program in April.

And if you want all my tips and tricks on how to rock that stage, for a TED talk or pitch or presentation, click here to grab your spot in my Perfect Presentations Day in May!

My Early Bird prices end on December 31, so December is a wonderful time to invest in yourself and your career for 2019!

My wishes for you in 2019 are:

A career you love
Confidence in English

I can help you with 2 out of the 5. Well, maybe 3 out of the 5 because we do have lots of salads at my events! 🙂 Oh wait, maybe 4 out of the 5 because you will find joy in learning English! Um….I’d love to work with you and will give you a hug afterwards (if you like!), so hey, that’s just about 5 out of the 5!! TOP SCORE! (Just like this one – congratulations Netherlands!) 

Let’s make this last month of the year the best one yet…together!

With love!

PS: You can still grab free shipping on my Talk Nerdy To Me cards if you order them by midnight (Dutch time) tonight!

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