Scenes from my inbox…..


‘Hey, Buffi! Remember that amazing job I was applying for? The good news is I got through to the next round. The bad news is that I just found out the interview will be in English! I have no idea what to say! Can you help?’

I got this mail from a client recently. I was so happy for her, as this was a new opportunity that she was completely ready for, and had been working hard towards this goal for a long time.

However, I also knew that she wasn’t using English on a regular basis. Many people are not active in English, and then….they get the phone call. Or the mail. Or their colleague is ill and they have to fill in. Or something else unexpected happens in English and guess what?

They have to go from ZERO to HERO.

I asked her to write out what she wanted to say. I showed her how to highlight challenging words (don’t make them bold, they will not stand out enough when you need them). We worked on linking words together and using timing, flow, phrasing, and muting to ‘blend’ the words so that it sounded natural and authentic. I also showed her which words should be ‘punched’ in a natural English style for emphasis. Often this is different than in your first language.

After just 1 session I got this back:

I was so happy for her!
It just shows how coaching and feedback can make ALL the difference.
Confidence shows.

Everything I worked on with her came directly from my Rock That Mouth program. I have designed 24 modules, each with a specific purpose in mind. Some have been created to realign your baseline and build a strong foundation in English. Others are more advanced and deal with tiny tweaks that make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ English. There you will learn how to unlock your fluency and confidence, and totally LOVE how you sound in English.

People will hear that confidence.
The game will change.
New doors will open and you’ll be ready to walk on through.

If you’d like a coaching session with me, there are just a few VIP spots left. In my 30 years of English coaching experience, I can hear in just a few minutes where the strengths and weaknesses are in your own fluency, and give you tailor-made advice on how to take command of your English and speak with impact.

The doors to Rock That Mouth close on Sunday night, January 16, at midnight (Amsterdam time). No one else can join after Sunday night.

Are you ready to ditch the doubt and embrace new challenges?
I hope I can welcome you on a learning journey.

There’s something big waiting for you too in English.
I can feel it!

Talk soon,

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