Thank you. And thank you.

As this decade (OMG!) draws to a close, I am feeling all nostalgic and happy.
I look back on a year full of triumphs.
Of risk-taking.
Of mistakes.
Of going big and then going home to put on my pyjamas at 8 pm.

Some of the highlights…

Launching my new ebook ’50 Lit AF Buzzwords To Get Your English On Fleek’, which is making people laugh and learn all over the world.

Coaching thousands of people with my books and courses online and hundreds face to face in Deep Dives, Masterclasses and Corporate training sessions.

Sharing 5 freebies on my site so you can learn with me without spending a penny. 

Designing and launching my new coaching program Great in 8, which sold out. (We start again in 2020 if you are interested!)

Watching my speakers OWN the stage and their stories during TedXAmsterdamWomen last week.

Seeing the glory of the CEO and members of the MT of Rituals as they made magic for 1600 people on stage, after trusting me to get them out of their comfort zone.

Having intense sessions with people like Frits Sissing, Yolanthe, and Jandino on a regular basis and getting to know the person behind the media image, and truly loving what I’m learning from them.

Working with Jeangu MacCrooy, Dennis van Aarsen, and O3ENE on their new material. Fantastic music coming soon!

Working closely with Jacqueline on the new Krezip album and not being able to talk about it for MONTHS. (Good thing I am a vault!)

Watching Duncan Laurence win the Song Festival. Could not have happened to a nicer person. Truly a star inside and out.

Recording with Hooverphonic (the Belgian entry for the Song Festival) in my favorite studio in Brussels (founded by a New Yorker!).

Working with Linda as her private coach for her new film, April, May and June, which premieres tonight! (It’s my first red carpet experience and I’m a bit nervous but very excited- got a new girdle and everything! Look for my name on the final credits if you watch the film!)

Having such great corporate and private clients, who keep me sharp and motivated to always dive a bit deeper.

Being on TV, on the radio, and in magazines and newspapers. Writing a column for MT. Doing podcasts for BNR. IN. DUTCH! 🙂

Founding my own BDEAL educational foundation, and working with the kind people of Hogeschool Rotterdam who made wonderful teaching materials I can implement when I am there in February. (If you would like to give a donation to help children with language materials – everything from pencils to paper, to mats to sit on on the jungle floor, it would be greatly appreciated!)

Having a small but solid team who get me and allow me to do what I truly love each and every day.

Being able to work and teach on Texel, on Bali, in Belgium, in Berlin, in Sweden. Next year a few more places will be added. 🙂

Hugging so many strangers at train stations.

Not everything was amazing, though.
I’ve lost friends and family members. Life is much too short for too many.
My team is changing and sometimes transition is really hard.
My new thyroid medication is not always working.
I ran out of coffee beans more than once.

But….all in all its been a year to remember for so many reasons. 95% fabulous, 5% less so.

And now I turn to you.

My connection with you, my readers, is one of the most profound in my life. Every week people write me and share their stories, and ask me questions. These people have become like friends to me.  Like my dear friend Simon –  I truly have the kindest and loveliest readers in the whole wide world.

And for that, I thank you.
For letting me in.
For reading my words every week.
For taking the time to respond.
For sharing your secrets.
For sharing your fears.
For showing up.
For making me laugh and feel so connected.

For this, and for so much more, I thank you.

From my heart to yours, thank you for making this year such a very special one for me. I could not have done it without you!

I will send you some more Buffilove when I slide back into your inbox in January!

Until then,
Love and light for a happy, healthy holiday season!
See you next year.


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