The stupidest one in the room. That’s me.


Yup, that’s me.
Being the stupidest one in the room is my goal when I’m with my team.

You see, I hire people much smarter than me.
They do things so easily that I suck at.
Things I don’t want to learn how to do.

They are GREAT at what they do so that I can be great at what I do.

Last week I took my 2 wonderful assistants, Karin and Simone, away on a special retreat for 2 days to finalize just about everything for 2022.

I know they love doing research so I said ‘Find a place you love that you’ve never been to before. And make sure it’s 4 stars because only the best for you!’

Simone found a wonderful place next to the woods.
We blocked 2 full days that flew by.
10 hours of brainstorming and meetings (in 1 day) felt like 2 hours.

They even made an agenda ahead of time (of course they did. This is what they do. I would be lucky if I remembered to bring a pen.)

Every hour had a different theme, focus, and goal.

We worked SO HARD.
We arranged my calendar for all of 2022.

I’m sticking to 5 works on, 1 week ‘off’, which has been such a blessing this year for me.
We have determined my fee, my products, and my coaching services, both for private and group programs, and corporate Business English courses, both online and on site.

We raised my fee. Now I have zero problems (finally!) asking what my services are worth.
Confidence is priceless, right?

I know when my courses start and finish.
I know when I will be expanding my team.
I know when my days off and my vacations are.

DONE AND DUSTED. Hello, happy headspace!

We had incredible food, long walks in the woods, and beautiful facilities to keep us focussed but pampered.

I am deeply grateful for my assistants.
Knowing that they are doing what they love lets me focus on doing what I love.

So listen.
Don’t try to be good at everything.
Because you’re not.
Find what you LOVE to do and delegate the rest.

If you are just starting out, do a barter deal – trade services with someone who loves doing what you need doing. That is exactly what I did when I was just starting out on my own.

As a former control freak, I have now discovered the graceful and powerful and mysterious art of delegation. I love it so much. I am becoming a black belt in it.

What can you delegate today?
Get out there and be the stupidest one in the room.
It’s a wonderful place to be.

Let people shine in their own way so that you can shine in your own way.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart, Karin and Simone. I am deeply grateful for your expertise and passion. I can’t wait for our next retreat (which is of course already booked for next year)!

Love, Buffi.

PS: Next week I have a little holiday surprise for you – watch this space!

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