This (and the Dutch election results) broke my heart

Recently I had a fabulous presentation day with my Great in 8 members. It was a wonderful day full of excitement, enthusiasm, and fabulous presentations. I’m so proud of how they shared their stories with confidence and ease. Well done, ladies!

These fabulous women are all executives working in HR and L&D. And on our presentation day, they all shared something with me that broke my heart.

They told me that so many people don’t use up their training budget. December rolls around and people realize they have not invested in their own development at all. And what happens to that training budget if it’s not used up? Usually that money just disappears. If it’s not being applied, it’s gone baby gone.

What a shame!
As a coach, trainer, and confidence catapult, I am on a mission to help the world feel fantastic in English. We can’t let that budget go to waste!

If you (or your team) would like to

*triple your vocabulary
*unlock your confidence when presenting
*learn how to write professional emails
*frame bad news like a native speaker
*learn new expressions and phrases
*feel comfortable networking and negotiating
*speak with confidence and clarity
*deal with challenging words (and situations) in English

….and so much more….in just 5 minutes a day….

I have good news for you!
You can still join Communication Nation and start leveling up this year. You can start learning TODAY and end the year with new skills, confidence, and coaching!

Click HERE to learn all about the program and why our members give it a solid 9.

‘I can’t believe what I’ve learned in just a few minutes a day! I’ve started to apply your coaching to my Dutch presentations too – what a difference!’ – Ben

Don’t let your training budget go to waste. It’s there to help you level up in your skill set.

If you communicate better, your business gets better.
It’s that simple.
You can stop feeling insecure, delegating English projects to others, and getting stressed about the next talk you have to give in English.

All of that can be fixed in my fun, effective coaching style!

Click HERE to find out more about the coolest way to improve your English communication skills.

Because YOU are worth investing in.


Click HERE to find out more!

PS: Feel free to send this blog or this link to your HR officer or L&D director. They will thank you later! 😉

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