This is my birthday week, and I’ve got a present for YOU!

Happy Monday!

I’m so excited! It’s my birthday week!
I turn 52 on Friday.
But I feel the other way around – 25!
I love getting older.
Every day is a gift and I an so grateful I’ve made it this far.

I share my views about ageing in this interview, where you can read why ‘anti-aging’ makes me want to scream ‘DON’T KILL ME!’ Please read it if you fear getting old. |t might help you realise that you’re not old. You’ve just been fabulous longer than most people!

To celebrate my birthday, I’ve got a little present for YOU!
For every order in my webshop between today and Monday, August 31 at midnight, I’ll send you a special treat!

Whether it’s an ebook, a physical book, my Talk Nerdy To Me Cards, my online Business English Communication Course, a personal coaching session, or a ticket to my Great in 8 program, I’ve got a little gift to you that will be sent to you with every order.

Thank you ALL for reading my words every week and responding.
For sharing your stories with me.
For asking hard questions.
For making me laugh.
For helping me learn.

I am so grateful to you.
I cannot wait for the next 52 years!


PS: If you already have everything in my shop and would still like to feel the Buffilove, feel free to make a small donation to my educational foundation, where I support English programs on Bali. I promise it will be used directly for materials that are so needed. Thank you so much for your generosity! (And yes, I will send you a little present too if you donate!)

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