This is my favorite word lately….

I love this word.

It’s short, it’s simple, and it’s clear.

My favorite word lately has been….


That’s right.

I love saying ‘no’.

I have boundaries for breakfast.

I make my NOs absolutely clear.

You know why?

Because my YES is always a HUGE yes.

When I commit to something, I am always 1000% in.

Without a doubt.

I value each and every YES I give.

To myself, when I promise myself I will start my morning with a workout.

To my family, when I promise them I will tweak yet another cheesecake recipe (oh, and this one is the winner so far…). 

To my clients, when I promise them feedback within 24 hours.

To my friends, when I promise that I’m there for them, good times and bad.

I make my boundaries clear because I want people to know where I stand.

No room for doubt or confusion.

I said this to my CEO client last week, and now I’ll say it to you, too:

‘Every time you say no to someone else, you are saying YES to you.’

What will you say ‘no’ to today, so that you can truly honor your next big YES? 

Let me know!



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