Are you using high-eyebrow words?

“Say what, Buffi?!?”

I know, I know. High eyebrows. Like WTF is that.
Well, when you say something that sounds impressive, people’s eyebrows often go up. Like this.

So let’s get your vocab up to scratch with some snazzy alternatives for words you are probably overusing.
You can do better!

Here are some examples to follow:

Instead of saying ‘the person in my job before me‘ try saying ‘my predecessor‘ .
A good alternative for ‘I will not put up with that’ could be ‘I will not tolerate that.’
And how about trying ‘I will consider it’ instead of ‘I will think about  it’ (OMG I was just typing so fast I actually wrote ‘I will think about tit’. Also a lovely thought!!)
How about ‘She requested….’ instead of ‘She asked for….’
Or ‘regarding your proposal’ instead of ‘about your proposal’.

See how one word can make you sound smarter? More professional? A bit more formal in tone? Can you picture those eyebrows going up just a little bit more when these awesome words come out of your mouth?

I can see it. Believe me. My eyebrows are constantly raised when clients talk to me like this. I love it. It shows confidence, flair, and a real ability to ‘play’ with English when the situation calls for it.

So, my dear. Off you go. Use some fabulous vocabulary today and let me know how it goes!

My eyebrows are waiting!

XOX (the O’s are hugs),

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