Wake Me Up When You’re Done (and no, it’s not about that)

As you know, I am here to help. To brighten your language, your day, and even your life with some sparkly tips and tricks to help you communicate better in English.
I love doing it, and I’m so blessed that I can do it every day.

But you know what? It’s not always easy. So often I’m forced to sit through a presentation or read a report and I am acutely aware of the fact that I do not have the Clockwork Orange eye-opener thingies because what I’m reading, hearing, seeing is just SOOOOO BOOOOOORING. No sparkle. No shine. No personality. No high-energy language. No nothing. Except the same boring crap we’ve all heard before.

It’s like walking through a museum where all the paintings are exactly the same. Wake me up when it’s time for cocktails. Or, since we are on the subject of food (we always are, somehow, and cocktails are almost like food), it’s like eating something that is so bland it’s pretty much a waste of time. Like maybe boiled cauliflower served over white rice with a white sauce. Bleh. Pass the wasabi, and STAT!

Just because you’ve been using the same words does not mean that they are the best words. It just means that they are the easiest words for you to find and use.

So. Today. My. Darling.

Learn a NEW word. Get your cute butt over to www.thesaurus.com and type in a word you know. Then see other shadings of that word. Then find an antonym of that word (a word that means the opposite). Then use both of them in a sentence. Write that sentence down. Then say it out loud.

You are learning.
Expanding your vocabulary.
For now.

Do this every day and keep your new words organised so that you can find them when you need them. Trust me, you’ll need them.I need them, and the people you interact with need them too.

Let’s start adding more spice to your soup.
One word at a time…

Sending you a very spicy vocabulary and a very non-spicy hug,

With love from your pal Buffi xxx

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