Want to speak with impact? Think of the ICEBERG.

Happy Monday!


‘Buffi, that iceberg of yours – I’ll never forget it. You need to share that with everyone!’

Ok. My client’s wish is my command.

When you need to present facts/data/statistics, etc. it can get pretty boring, pretty fast. Who has time for that?
Not me, and not your audience.

Think of the facts you need to talk about. That’s visible – we can all see that.
That’s the tip of the iceberg.
What we cannot see is how those facts got born.
That’s where you need to focus.

What kinds of decisions were made to create those facts?
What was the catalyst that started the whole process?
What kinds of surprises/frustrations/learnings came to be as a result of this?

That’s the storytelling gold.
That’s where the goosebumps come and the REAL connection with your audience happens.

Dig deeper.
Don’t bore us with the obvious.
Get to the invisible. Intrigue us, and move us.

Your talks will never be the same.

As a senior TedX Speaker Coach, I love helping people find the gold in their stories, and create new presentation angles that they might have overlooked.
This is also the focus of week 4 in my 8-week Great in 8 program.
It’s 8 weeks of mentorship and coaching with a Presentation Day exclusively for our members.

Great in 8 is not for beginners.
It’s for people who are already fluent and are highly motivated.

I have 1 space left for someone who, come November, wants to see their English vocabulary, style and skill level totally transformed. For good.
Is that 1 ticket yours? We start next week!


In any case, the next time you have to talk, whether it be on Zoom or on a huge stage, think of the iceberg while you prepare. Dare to dig deeper. Show us what’s under the surface. Your story (and your audience!) is worth it!

Have a super week!

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