Webinar Wednesdays starting April 16th!

It’s Webinar Wednesdays, yo. Starting April 16th. Mark your calendars!

I’ve been working with my team to create a series of kick-ass webinars covering everything from Presentation Skills to Vocabulary Development to Basic and Advanced Grammar, and more! This way I can reach out and share my fun(ky) method with people all over the world, and actually interact with them! I have gotten requests from so many different places around our beautiful world for coaching, teaching, advice, feedback etc., I thought this would be a great way to spread even more Buffilove!

Say what? A webinwhat?!? A webinar is basically an online lesson that you can follow and interact with the teacher via your phone or computer screen. It’s #nextlevel education and you know I’m all about that! My Wednesday Webinar on Presentation Skills will be a half hour master class covering everything from how to structure your presentation to the language you need to rock it! How do you make a good introduction? What are phrases you can use for a strong conclusion? How do you leave them wanting more? I can’t wait to share all my tips and tricks with you! And I can interact with you all and answer all your questions at the end! If that’s not a slice of awesome pie, I don’t know what is! 🙂

So mark your calendars! April 16th is the date, at 3 different times, selected for your convenience. Join me for morning coffee at 10 am or let me get you out of your afternoon dip at 3 pm, or let’s have a glass of wine together at 9 pm to end the day! If you sign up before April 8th, you can lock in the early-bird price of €15. After April 8th, prices go up to €25. If you get 4 colleagues to join, your early bird price is €60 (€12 p.p.)! Space is limited to only 25 participants per session, so please grab your spot before someone else does!

Click here to buy!

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