Welcome to Buffiland! (Or ‘Your Head vs Reality’)

What’s happening inside your head, sweetie?

Do you even know what’s going on there?

Well, let me tell you about Buffiland. I kind of live there. I love it there. Buffiland is a place full of magic and wonder. Negative concepts like calories, racism, and jealousy do not exist. We’ve got gin and tonic waterfalls, and sushi grows on trees. I’m there a lot. Come by anytime!

Recently I was working on presentation skills with a client who lived in ….let’s call it….Saskialand. There it was raining all the time. It was full of doubt, hesitation, comparison and shame. Saskia spent so much time trapped (because she honestly felt there was no escape) in Saskialand, that she kind of forgot that this treacherous landscape existed only in her head. It was my job (and honor) to coach her through the knowledge that all of the things inside her head were only there…inside her head. Reality, external reality, was quite different. She got lots of compliments and made them small or worthless (and made herself small and worthless at the same time). She got praise from her colleagues and told them that someone else should be getting credit. She was given a promotion and felt that she just got lucky. Lots of this, lots of the time.

When I pointed out to her the REALITY of what was being said – the REASONS why she was getting those compliments, that promotion and praise, she got very quiet very fast. It took a long time but after working intensively together I’m so proud to say that Saskialand is a very happy place now – kind of like the Magical Kingdom, but with better food and shorter lines. She is proud of what she’s achieved, and honors the opinions of others when they compliment her. (You DO realise that when someone gives you a compliment and you make it small, not only do you not honor yourself, you’re basically telling the other person ‘Your opinion has no value to me because I think you’re lying.’? Don’t be that person. She deserves better!)

What’s happening in << Test First Name >>land?
Tell me what it’s like there.
So curious!

With love and a welcome mat,

Buffi x

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