What’s behind Magic Door 54?

MAGIC DOOR 54 – my birthday poem.

Once upon a time
I saw a door.
It was locked and labeled
Number 54.
I wanted to discover what was behind,
but I was not allowed, I needed more time.

So I remained patient,
the years were kind.
They showed up on my face
in the form of lines.

My hair started to change –
grey and silver galore!
But it was still too early
to open door 54.

I waited and waited,
I counted the days
until I could finally
wake up and say

‘The time has come
for me to explore
all the treasures that await
behind Door 54!’

So today it is time
to turn both 54 and the key
Magic Door 54- finally unlocked!
Happy birthday to me!

I couldn’t just walk,
I had to jump right through!

And if you’re feeling old,
here’s my message to you:

Age is a gift,
Time is a blessing.
So if you get worried
and if you start stressing

that you’re too old, it’s too late,
your best days have departed….
Darling take it from me,
I’m now 54.

And I’m just getting started.

Every day counts
So count every day
As a lesson, a present, a gift come your way.

Let’s all celebrate age,
and discover what’s in store.
New adventures await you
Behind your own magic door.

Have a wonderful week, I’m off to celebrate!
See you next week.

Birthday gal Buffi

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