Which sounds better?


Which style works better?

‘Also, we give our clients great service when they buy something.’


‘In addition, we provide our clients with the very best in customer service upon purchasing our products.’

Can you feel a difference between these 2 statements?
The first is more informal and direct, and the second one is more formal and professional.

Guess what?
They are BOTH good.
One situation might call for the first approach, but another situation might call for the second one.

I want you to be able to go both ways with confidence and ease.
If you don’t expand your Word Wardrobe, you won’t have enough options to choose from when communicating in English.

If your vocabulary is limited, you usually speak or write with the first word that comes up in your head. Your first choice is not always the BEST choice. Often it’s just…the only choice!
I help my clients build a Word Wardrobe, so that they always have the right word to strike the right tone and create the impact that they desire. If your comfort zone includes mostly ‘informal’ vocabulary, you might want to consider these ‘formal’ alternatives the next time you are writing a business email. It might just make you feel like a boss in English!

Here is a visual that might help you find another alternative.
Try them out the next time you are writing a business email, and let me know how it goes!

Wishing you a wonderful week!
Buffi, the Word Wardrobe Wizard.

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