Whoops! (Oh, I mean ‘Op is Op, take 2’.)

You know when you have an awesome idea? And then you launch it with a lot of fanfare? And it kind of…backfires? Well, that just happened to me.

After launching my 5 free “Get Your English Passport Proof” podcasts (which you can still get if you click here), I still wanted to give something else away as a summer special. Just a little present to all my readers before we all go away on vacation. (Oh, if you’re already away, I hope you are having a wonderful time, and thanks for taking me with you!)

I wanted to give my Rock Your English! @ Home course away for free for one week only, with the purchase of my Rock Your English! book. It’s a good deal – this course normally runs for nearly 60 euros, and now you can get it for less than 30! I promoted it, and the response was overwhelming. And then. Our system had a glitch that we didn’t know about. This glitch came to our attention and it was so major that we actually had to shut down the entire site and rebuild it from scratch. (Oh, and did I mention this was the second time that we had to rebuild it, because it was hacked by someone in the Ukraine a few months ago? Lovely.) Well. My site was offline for several days as a result, and the offer ended. However, so many people could not order the course because of our technical hiccup. So we are relaunching it TODAY to give everyone a chance to get the course. This exclusive offer ends on Monday July 20, and I only have a reserved number of books, so… op is op (which is a Dutch way of saying ‘Grab it while it’s hot’!)  So if you (or your neighbors, children, frenemies, or loved ones) want to really enjoy learning English with my buddies from Racoon, Within Temptation, Bløf and more, who go through the book with me and talk personally and exclusively about their own English grammar and vocabulary, click here (order membership + paperback) and use the code SUMMERTREAT. It’s my treat for you! I will personally sign every book and give each one a little hug before putting it in the envelope on its way to you. And I’ll personally mail you your own Track & Trace number so you can see your own book’s journey live! (We ship the next business day.)

I really live for making other people happy, especially when it comes to learning. I have a lot to share, and I’m constantly looking for new ways to develop and improve the way I teach, write, live, and love. They’re all connected. I was so upset by this glitch. I run a pretty tight ship and customer service is so important to me. I even called this situation a ‘fiasco’ when I was meeting with my team about it. I was pretty embarrassed and frustrated about the whole thing. But you know what? It taught me something. That I am human, and so is my team. We are all dedicated, passionate and totally committed people. But most of all, and BEST of all, we are human. And we make mistakes. And that’s just part of the game. I mailed every single person who ordered the course individually to apologize about the situation, and guess what. Everyone handled it with dignity, grace, and understanding. And in the end, learning from my clients (as I always am), so did I. Yes, these courses matter so much to me. I so want to help you embark on your own learning journey. But now, I realize even more than that, I want to connect to my readers as a person, not just a coach or a teacher or an author. A person who is whole, complete, and (the last time I checked) 100% human. Now I realize that the only ‘fiasco’ was the one in my head. So I’m turning ‘fiasco’ into ‘fiesta’. Let’s all celebrate being human, flaws and all!

Wit lof from buffi, the human. x

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