Who’s at your table?

How are you, my darling? I hope this weekly slice of Buffilove finds you very well indeed! 

Last week I had a very special experience. I was kidnapped and taken to the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen, designed and lived in by someone I love very much. For his 50th birthday, my dear friend Lucas had everyone he loved around an enormous table and serenaded us with his words. He spoke to each and every one of us one by one, shared stories our history and friendship, and said what we meant to him. He ended each deliciously delicate anecdote simply, by looking each of us right in the eye, holding his gaze, and simply stating, slowly and deliberately, “I. Love. You.”
Needless to say, I was in tears after the first 2 sentences. It was a magical evening and I was so extremely honored to have been a part of it. (I went through 3 linen napkins that night. And not because I spilled my champagne.)
And then it got me thinking. Who would be at my table? Who have I loved? Who has meant something to me in my life? And then I realized the table would be full pretty fast. I’d need another table. And then another one. If I could fill a room with everyone whose life has ever touched mine in a deeply significant way, from birth onwards (and remember, I’m 47 now!)  I’d need a tiny stadium. I’d also have to bring a few people back to life.
And guess what? There would be a chair for you. Because so many of you write me back and share part of your lives with me. That’s a wonderful connection, and one I’ll cherish forever. Although we are well into 4 digits when it comes to people who read this every week, I still feel a personal connection to each and every one of you. Thank you all so much for reading and responding! Keep it coming!

Just one English tip before I go (she said, turning around in her Columbo coat)…

Notice that this newsletter started with “Who’s….”. Many people confuse “Who’s” with “whose”. It’s really easy to remember the difference.

“Who’s” is short for “Who is” or “Who has”. Remember, an apostrophe (‘) is always a substitute for a missing letter. So you’d say ‘Who’s coming to our party tonight?’ or ‘Who’s bringing the chocolate to our next English lesson with Buffi?’ (Totally hypothetical, of course!). Or, “Who’s written Buffi back today? Oh, you have! Well done!”

You’d use ‘whose’ when it comes to possession. For example, “Whose umbrella is this?” or “Whose butt am I going to kick at ultimate frisbee tonight?”
I hope that helps! And I do hope you’ll find your loved ones gathered around your own table very soon.

There’s always a chair for you at mine.
Wit lof (and pass the champagne, please),
buffi xx

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 PPS: THIS JUST IN: I will be on the “Dino in de straat” Show TONIGHT at 22:15 on NPO3! If you want to see me doing silly things with comedians- do check it out! I will post the link on next week’s newsletter as well! Grab the popcorn! 

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