Why I hug strangers at stations

Well, hello there!

And goodbye.
This is my last newsletter for the year.
2018 has flown by in a flash.
Because…just a random list of things that pop up in my mind when I think of 2018….I….

*launched a new ebook, Work It!
*created a new card game, Talk Nerdy To Me
*helped Linda de Mol with her new film role
*coached Freek Vonk on his voiceovers
*worked on the new Jeangu MacCrooy album
*helped Tim Knol with his new bluegrass songs
*coached Jandino on his new material in English
*did a 7-module Rock Your Business English! course for YoungCapital
*had dozens of Deep Dives
*coached for 2 Songwriter’s Weekends
*did a Communicate Better in English Masterclasses series
*saw my name roll by on the credits for the film De Dirigent and cried
*did a Rock Your Business English Masterclass weekend
*hugged hundreds of strangers on Valentine’s Day
*celebrated my 50th birthday and was reunited with my family
*helped Diana Matroos prepare for international interviews for Buitenhof
*was the English coach for the Talent Project
*worked intensively on the new Hooverphonic album
*coached Jacqueline Govaert on her new songs
*went to Bali with my family and spontaneously taught at university there (I’ll be back in February to teach more!)
*helped Marijke Roskam work on the language to moderate and host international conferences
*supported my Syrian friends with their new jobs and new lives
*created and filmed new English material for all the English programs at GoodHabitz
*coached some incredible women, including the Minister of Education for her first Ted Talk in English
*worked in Berlin and discovered the best cheesecake outside of NY (at Five Elephant)
*invested in myself (with a new personal trainer, assistant, and business coach, and a membership to Soho House Global) and am thrilled with the results on all fronts
*wrote back everyone who responded to my newsletters and blogs
*left the Rockacademie after 17 years
*rediscovered walking in nature and breathing in early morning (cold!) air
*launched a new learning community on FB – Buffiland MBE- Much Better English!
*designed 3 new events for 2019
*watched my daughter leave our warm little nest and find her wings
*watched my son discover love
*had beer and chocolate in the morning in Belgium with my husband
*reminded myself that I am not my business
*forgot to remind myself that I am not my business
*remembered that I am ok just being me

So. That’s some of the immediate highlights that pop to mind but it’s not nearly everything.

How was your year?
What are some of the highlights?
I’d love to hear them!

A huge part of why I’m on this planet is to make people feel good about themselves. That they are enough. That they are seen and heard. This is the foundation of everything I do in my coaching sessions, masterclasses, books and courses.

And that’s why I hug strangers at stations.
For one fleeting and intense moment, I say to someone ‘I see you. You matter. You’re important.’
Then our souls meet briefly and then separate and then we take that feeling with us for a while, Maybe the rest of the day. Maybe just a few minutes. (Or in my case, forever. I can’t remember anyone’s name but I can remember nearly every hug I’ve given.)

I’ll be hugging strangers again at Amsterdam Central Station on December 22, from 11.00-13.00.
Hope to hug you then!

In case I miss you, connecting with you has been one of the highlights of the year for me.
Thank you for connecting with me and sharing your insights, your questions, your comments. They have all been so appreciated.

Thank you.
I’m off until January, and I can’t wait to reconnect with you then!

All my love,

Happy Holidays!

PS: If you feel you’re not being seen or heard in English and need support, I’m so happy to help you. My English Confidence Boo(s)tcamp was created to get back to basics and to build up your English step by step in a small supportive group.
The Early Bird Discount ends on December 31 and if you use the code bringafriend you get 10% off 2 tickets. Hope to see you then!

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