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I might have some shocking news for you.
You might communicate in English all the time.
Maybe every day.
But….are you also getting feedback every day?

Has anyone ever told you that you’re leaning too much on the same old words, again and again?
Or that if you had switched the adjective, it would have made your copy more magnetic?
Or that a more active form of the grammar would have worked better for that storytelling anecdote?

Probably not.
And the shocking news is this.
Not getting feedback does NOT mean you are not making mistakes.

It means you are working with nice people. 
Who either don’t hear you making mistakes or don’t care.

I am not that nice. 😉
You’ll see why in my free webinar tomorrow on Crafting Communication Clarity!

I have so many tips and tricks to share with you on how to truly redesign your school English and make it more professional.

It’s completely free, and will not be recorded, so I hope to welcome you tomorrow at one of the 3 live(ly) sessions.

Grab your spot HERE and take the first step to Communication Clarity!


PS: Free webinars are something I never do – this one is the first in many years- I hope you grab this very special chance to learn with me for free! Click HERE to sign up! 

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