Your voice deserves to be heard. With confidence!

Happy Monday!
I’m still enjoying the afterglow of my Taking Care of Business Masterclass last week. I so loved seeing all the participants grow in their skill level and confidence, and leave with a full heart and soul full of insights. It was rated an average of 9, so I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. Here’s a little idea of how it ended… :))

Ok. Now back to you.
Maybe you feel pretty good about your English.
But for some reason when you see all eyes on you, you get nervous.
You don’t know what to say or how to say it.
You feel the pressure of performing and representing your company, your position, and your ideas in a professional yet meaningful way.
You lose control. And power.
You feel stupid and start doubting yourself.
If you could only deal with your nerves and feel prepared, you would have so much more energy and you would not have to RUSH through your talk to get it over with as soon as possible.

Guess what?
I am here to help!
I could tell you how much fun and helpful it is to work on presentation and moderation skills, but I’ll let my clients do the talking for me.  I am honored to have helped these fine people rock the stage in English!

‘Your suggestions were spot on! Thank you so much!’ – Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education

‘Buffi is one of a kind and an absolute joy to work with. She’s been my English coach for years and has helped me grow my English moderation and interview skills immensely.’- Diana Matross, BNR, Buitenhof

‘Buffi’s coaching is straight from the heart, direct and fun. She helped me formulate the essence of my lifes work for my TEDtalk and her encouragement all the way on stage gave me the confidence that I needed to share my story in English. She had my back 100%!’ – Jessica Gyasi, Model and Entrepreneur

‘Buffi is just great. I learned so much from her. Not only about the knowledge and the skills, she is just a miraculous motivator for self-confidence and personal development. Thank you Buffi! I rocked my talk!’- Laurens Knoop, Founder of The School of Life.

Imagine walking onto that stage and owning it.
Knowing that you are ready to speak with confidence and flair.
You know what to say, and you know how to say it.
You see all the eyes on you, and for the first time, you LOVE it!
You don’t rush and wish it was over, you enjoy every minute and it all ends too soon.
Feel that applause? You deserve it.
This is what making a real connection with your audience feels like.
Ready to feel that?
Let’s make it happen!

Do join me as I share all my tips and tricks as a senior speaker coach in my last public event of the year! I’ll show you how to make a connection with your audience, structure your talk to get the most out of your information, use high- energy language, moderate with confidence, and discover your own TED talk.

You have a message that needs to be shared.
I’d love to help you shape and share it!

See you on May 9th at my Perfect Presentations and Moderation event in Amsterdam! Space is extremely limited, so grab your spot before it sells out!

Can’t wait to work with you! See you zoen at my last public masterclass of the year!

X buffi

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