Are you ready for your free masterclass? I sure am!

How is your week treating you so far?
I hope it’s off to a smashing start!

As you know, I’m always trying to find ways to make English learning fun, fast, easy, and convenient.
And now, as my loyal newsletter reader, I’m so excited to share something with you FIRST, before I announce it on other channels.

It’s a Business Grammar Video Masterclass!
And a worksheet!
And an Answer Page!
All for free!


I know.
It’s a half-hour masterclass on Business Grammar, and I’ll walk you through the structures. I’ll show you how changing one word can totally change your message, how you can insult people without realising it, and how you can eliminate your basic mistakes.

You will learn:

The Present Tenses
The Past Tenses
The Future Tenses…

all with example sentences, slides you can keep forever for future reference, and lots of tips and tricks on how to activate and remember these gorgeous structures in Business Grammar.

If you click HERE, you’ll see the Free Business Grammar Masterclass at the top of my homepage.
Then you’ll get a confirmation link and a download link once you register.
The video is yours to keep, and so is the worksheet and the answer page.

I know people who treat my videos like a podcast – they listen to my masterclasses while they are out walking the dog, washing dishes, or waiting for the train. How cool is that? I love it, and my listeners do too!

Oh, you can also download all the slides from the masterclass and keep them forever.
My gift to you.
Slides, lots of slides, for your birthday. Mazel Tov!

If you love this way of learning, you can go even further and get down and dirty with me on Negotiating, Networking, Presentations, and so much more by checking out the other modules which will bring your English to the next level. All full of video masterclasses, with worksheets and answer pages, downloadable slides, and you have me then FOR LIFE.

I’m ready to commit. Are you?
There is no obligation whatsoever.
I just wanted to give you the gift of knowledge, and it’s just one click away.

It’s time to get me in your phone. On your tablet. In your bag. And OMG now you can even have an English coach in your pocket 24/7. It sounds so wrong…but it feels so right!

So grab your free Business Grammar Masterclass right hier, and get learning!

See you in your bag/purse/park/bus!

XX Buffi

PS: If you are confused about when to use ‘I have worked’ and ‘I worked’, my free video masterclass will clear that right up for you!

Let’s get your Business Grammar sorted out right now! 

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