I am typing this with happy tears. Magic is everywhere and this is an example of how it (sometimes) gets born.

When I was on Bali for the first time 2 years ago, I decided to start an educational foundation on the spot. This came the day after I spontaneously volunteered to teach English at a local school, at the request of my English-weary waiter. The BDEAL foundation ( was born. Joppe Bakens from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences heard about it, and asked me if his students, future English teachers, could create a lesson program for the schools I was supporting.

They did, and how!

The Last Resort, a comprehensive English communication program, was developed. I was so deeply honored to train the student teachers on Bali myself this February, and see this magic, new method light up the lives of so many hungry heroes. We have now funded hundreds of Last Resorts, & more will come.

Bart (featured in this short film) & his fellow students, all future English teaching rock stars, have made the shortlist for the Bachelor Student Award (they are in the top 3 out of 16,000 students).

My teacher’s heart is overflowing with joy and pride. Thank you Bart, Ahmet, Joppe & the whole team! I am so deeply grateful to your dedication to innovation in education, volunteering your time and your knowledge, and sharing your incredible talents which will inspire so many for years to come.

Susksma ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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