I can’t make people love each other, but I can give you free stuff.

It’s a mad, mad world. Mad as in crazy. Mad as in angry.

I’m watching my country from a distance, and I am greatly concerned. About cops murdering innocent civilians. About civilians murdering cops. About Trump worrying about Muslims. About my Muslim friends worrying about their future.

So. Much. Madness.

All I want, truly want, is to spread Buffilove all over the place. And I try. Every damn day, I try. In my work, in my coaching sessions, at the refugee center, with my students, with my clients, with my writing – every word is drenched in love and good intentions.

And you know what?

It’s not enough.
It’s never enough.

So what can I do?
I will continue to fight the good fight.
I’m not giving up.

But I am giving you some stuff that might make you smile.
And believe me, that smile is all I can ask for these days.

Maybe your smile will make someone else smile.
And so on.
And so on.
And so on.
God knows we need it.

Here. Click here. It’s a free mini-quiz on grammar I made. It follows my book Rock Your English!, but it works well on its own. Spend a minute and see how good your grammar is.

Here. Take this. It’s a thing I made to help you keep grammar alive (and your students awake!)  in the classroom. Lots of fun activities you can do together, or give as individual assignments.

And this. Take it. It’s a big database full of new words for vocabulary expansion. You’ll find some new ways to talk about the same old shizzle!

This might help you find a free English course you can follow via the BBC.

And here’s a way to meet a stranger across the globe and practise speaking English with them.

And try this to see if your English is good enough to get into Cambridge. 😉

And, last but not least, click here to learn how to cook Japanese food. With a poodle.

This is all I have for now.
Take it.
With a hug, a high-five, a strong death-grip handshake.
Take all 3.
It’s all I’ve got.

Wit love drenched in Buffilove,


PS: Next week is my last newsletter for a while as I’m leaving on a jet plane. But I know when I’ll be back again. Don’t worry. I’ll miss you too!


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