As one of the biggest Song Festival fans on the planet, I so enjoyed watching S10 take the stage and sing her truth last night. The fact that she made it through to the finals with a song in Dutch means that so much is transcended beyond language. Millions didn’t understand one single word of what she was singing, but they felt it. Deeply. Geweldig!

I’ve had the great honor of working with 4 Eurovision acts in the Netherlands and Belgium. Seeing them go and glow on that global stage after months of hard work brings me such joy! The past few years, Eurovision has brought many happy tears from this coach. 12 points?! How about 12 THOUSAND points!

I love seeing my clients shine. Whether it’s in the boardroom, on screen, on a global stage, or just daring to speak up in a meeting for the very first time. Seeing them share their talent, their vision, and their expertise, without shame, just daring to share their true selves – that is the greatest gift you can give me as a coach.

And now I can work with you too! I’ve put 30 years of my coaching tips and tricks into my new course Rock That Mouth! We only open the doors a few times a year, and Wednesday 18 May they are opening again for waiting list members!

This is what you will learn on the inside:

*How to and mute and blend certain sounds to make your English flow naturally
*Where to highlight and ‘punch’ certain words to get the most out of your pitches, presentations, and meetings to speak with true impact
*How to warm up for that next important phone call or meeting
*How to unlock your fluency with English expressions and (50!) tongue twisters
*Tackle challenging words and phrases (that even native speakers struggle with too..)

And there’s so much more – 24 subtitled video modules and 24 workbooks, each specifically designed to help you tackle the biggest challenges when it comes to fluency and confidence!

Memberships start at just €179, and I have 12 VIP spots for a personal feedback session with me, starting at €399. You can even join the VIP Maintenance Program, which means I’ll be working with you for 4 months!

If you’d like a fun, fast, and effective confidence boost – so that you can really share your message with the world, and get clear and honest feedback on your own English communication skills, sign up for the waiting list! You can start 5 days before anyone else, and get my coaching calendar first! The VIP option will sell out quickly, I expect.

The Rock That Mouth doors will close on May 29 for at least 4 months.

If you’re ready to laugh and learn with me, join the Rock That Mouth waiting list:

I hope to work with you soon, and help you sparkle and shine like a star!

See you soon!
Love, Buffi

PS: If you know someone who needs a confidence boost in English, feel free to share this with them! 

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