Every word counts….

Can you believe it’s December already?
I most certainly can NOT.
This year has flown by in a flash and in just a few short weeks we will welcome 2023 with open arms.

That is, if we can cross everything off our to do list!

(Mine is very long, too.)

I have been working on multiple projects and last week I spent some time in Zeeland (she goes to Goes, yo!) working with Bart on the new Racoon album. We’ve been working together for 19 years and it’s always such a joy to spar with him and help him truly express himself in his English lyrics.

You see, there’s no difference between coaching a global CEO and coaching one of the most successful songwriters. They both want to feel like the best version of themselves in English. They want to feel confident, comfortable, and have fun while learning.

They also don’t have a lot of time.
That’s ok.
Neither do I.

That’s why I designed Communication Nation – so you can have a coach in your phone whenever you need it! I have over 100 video lessons covering everything from presentations to grammar to writing skills and so much more. Every lesson has a workbook so you can activate immediately what you are learning, plus we have live events to go the extra mile in your learning journey. We open the doors early next year – grab your spot on the waiting list because doors are only open for 1 week!

So, a new Racoon album is in the works. My heart is so happy, and so are my ears.
Goosebumps galore! You’ll find out why when the time is right!

You can see a little video about our process hier.

Which Racoon song is your favourite and why?
Let me know! Maybe it’s one that started with us at his kitchen table!
Every year I love them more. 19 years and counting!


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