This is what I have to give…will you take it?

Two pretty awesome things happened this weekend and I’d like to share them with you. And somehow connect them. I’m sure I can find a bridge somewhere (*looking around and squinting*).

On Friday I gave a talk to a huge group at the National Congress of English Teachers about how to use social media as a learning tool. I was asked in July for this talk, and it had been on my mind ever since I was asked. Why? Because I had never given a talk like this before. I use social media all the time (maybe you, darling Buffi, signed up for this newsletter because you heard about it on my FB or Twitter or LinkedIn page?), but I had never actually taught anyone how to do it. And teaching a group of teachers? WOW! I was pretty excited and a bit nervous to be teaching my peers. You see, I have no teaching degree whatsoever. I am not officially ‘qualified’ to be a teacher. (And that’s one of the 3059 rules I have broken in my life.) So I just did it. I stood there, took a deep breath, and spoke from my soul. I just said to myself,  “I’ll talk from the heart. Let’s see if they hear my message.” And I think it was heard!

The next day (after hitting the soccer field at the crack of dawn) was the newest Heel Holland Hugt event. We were giving out free hugs in several cities. And, standing there in front of Amsterdam’s Central Station, I realised that this was kind of the same thing as my talk. When you stand there, holding a FREE HUGS sign above your head, you really put yourself out there. Standing there, saying to someone “I’m here for you. I have a hug for you. Will you take it?” People react in different ways. Some walk by faster, some swerve to avoid me, some literally run into my arms, sobbing, one man gave me money ‘to help the poor in case you can’t hug everyone today’, one woman held on and would not let go. Oh, and this happened too. 🙂

The older I get (hello, 50!), the more I realise how much I have to give. And the more I focus on giving, the less I worry about who is taking. Giving just to give is a wonderful thing. If it’s taken, it’s even better. But I’m just going to continue to give, even if no one takes.

What do you have to give today?
I’ll take it.

Wit lof!

XX Buffi

PS: There are 4 tickets left for my Communicate Better In English Masterclass Series…..!

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