He was so confused when I said this….

Happy Monday!

I’m so fortunate to serve so many high-performing people as their English Communication Coach. I share my days with CEOs, elite athletes, global thought leaders, creatives, and celebrities. Every session brings me new insights and every day ends with a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

The other day a client of mine was struggling. He had to give a huge presentation which would create a ripple effect felt far, far beyond his streaming platform. Every word mattered. And all of those words had to be in English. This was not his first language.

He: ‘What should I say?’
Me: ‘It depends on who’s listening.’

Many people focus solely on what they want to say when it comes to giving a presentation.

I am not one of those people.

I start by honoring your audience first.
It’s simple.

The one thing you will never get back at the end of the day is TIME. If people choose to invest their precious time in you (which is such a gift), how can you show them you were worth listening to?

Don’t start with the message.
Start with your audience.
Asking these questions first actually helps you prepare better.

Who are they?

Why are they there?

What do they already know about the subject?

What do they already know about you?

What would surprise, interest, entertain, shock them?

What feeling do you want them to leave with?

What call to action do you want them to take?

The more effort you put into your audience, the easier it is to create a message that truly resonates.
I hope this tiny tweak helps you like it helped my client!

He identified the ‘WHY’ of his audience, hooked his ‘WHY’ into theirs, and the rest is history.
Instead of focusing only on throwing that ball, he first analyzed who is catching it.

It’s a real gamechanger.

If you’d like to work with me for 8 weeks on shaping and sharing your story, my Live Presentation Day (which I offer twice a year and only for my Great in 8 members), will make such a difference. I work with you both privately and in a group, for 8 weeks, on all aspects of professional English communication. I check your emails, work with you on enhancing your Word Wardrobe, upgrade your pronunciation, and so much more. Then you show what you know in our dynamic and fully interactive Presentation Day in April, where you will stand up and present for our small, motivated group (there are only 6 people in our Great in 8 program and it’s such a supportive group every time) and get concrete, actionable feedback not just from your coach, but from a small and supportive audience.

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See you next week, my dear!
X Buffi

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