Hope to see you at my free webinar April 16! Here’s why….

Hi there, my dear!


Guess what?
I’m launching something cool.
And it’s free.
It’s my first webinar in 4 (maybe 5?) years! 

I’m doing this because of a story my client told me recently. Maybe it resonates with you as well.

My client was forced, like so many of us, to switch gears quickly recently and is now working from home.
With small children around.

To put it mildly, he hasn’t seen his comfort zone in a while.

Now he has to rely on technology to help him get his point across. This was always easy for him before as he relied on his humor, body language, and his charming personality to communicate well in every face-to-face situation. With no distractions. In the comfort of his own private office.

But now? That’s all gone. He’s now reduced to a tiny thumbnail, sharing a screen with lots of other tiny thumbnails.  He now hesitates before joining a discussion because he doesn’t want to interrupt someone. He has started to doubt himself in this fast-changing world where every word counts. And he started to get stuck in his shame spiral.

He felt lost, and alone. (And often wished he WAS alone, because he had sat on one too many Lego pieces, and broke up one or 2 sibling fights during ‘office’ hours…!)

His English was letting him down. It was more challenging than he was used to. He wasn’t so sure anymore. Was he saying it right? He couldn’t see the heads nodding. Do they get his message? Is it coming through like he intended? Did he use a wrong word? Did he already use that phrase in the last comment?

I understand.
I’ve been hearing this a lot.

And that’s why I’m determined to help you Communicate With Confidence! 

I’m doing this free webinar for him. And for everyone else like him who is struggling to communicate well in these challenging times.

I hope to see you on April 16 at my Communicate With Confidence Webinar. Space is very limited because I want to keep it interactive. That’s why I have 3 different time slots!

You can grab your spot here.

Can’t wait to see you on April 16!
If you know someone who needs more confidence in English, please send them this mail.

Excited to work with you soon!

X buffi

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