How is that even possible? Seriously?!

Happy Monday!
Remember, my dear, if you don’t like Mondays, it doesn’t mean that Mondays suck. It means your job does.

Thanks for letting me slip into your inbox today!
I cannot believe it.
It’s JULY already!
How did that even happen?

June flew by in a blur.
Maybe because…

I started working with Linda de Mol on a very special project. (And that’s all I can say about that.)

Jandino kept me off the streets many times.

I had many VIP Deep Dives, with wonderfully motivated professionals like Jan-Willem, Sydo and Jolanda who worked so hard to take their English to the next level.

I had several studio sessions with Hooverphonic in Belgium, helping Luka feel more confident while singing in English. Their new album is going to make your ears so happy!

And, the most beautiful day of all, I watched my daughter graduate high school. I cried.

What’s next in Buffiland?
Well, July is going to be full of awesomeness – nearly finished developing 3 new discussion games for you to work on your English at home, at work, on your boat, or at your next party (they are that much fun!), working on my first English Mastermind (there’s nothing like it in Europe – if you want in first, hit ‘reply’ and let me know!), and international shenanigans.

Oh, and my Rock Your Business English Masterclass Weekend on 29/30 September is nearly sold out. There are now less than 10 tickets left. If you would like to raise the bar on your pitches, presentations, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing skills and so much more (and have a great time while doing so!) grab your spot today, because this baby will be sold out very soon! All the info you need is hier.

I’ll try to squeeze out another newsletter before I go on vacation later this month. If you’re going on vacation – take me with you! My book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’ fits right into your suitcase and there’s a whole section on English for travel! Is Your English passport proof? Want to learn helpful phrases for wining, dining, renting a car, and hotel shizzle? Also how to complain about all that in decent English? My book will help – grab a signed copy hier!

Sweet buffi, I hope you have a wonderful week. Fill it with doing what you love, with people you love. It makes time FLY by at the speed of light! Take it from me. It’s true!

Signing off with love and a slow-motion high five,
buffi x

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