I was floored! Literally.

Guess what?
This summer’s cool! (Get it?)

Clearly this is not a typical masterclass photo.
Because none of my masterclasses are typical.
I was floored! And not only because I got to hang with Sunny, the cutest office dog!

We just finished the ‘Communicate With Impact’ workshop I designed for the fantastic people at Thoughtworks, and this was the energy!

These kinds of workshops are a wonderful way to work on levelling up on skills and confidence during the summer, when most people need something fun and inspiring instead of a ‘heavy’ intensive course. If your team can’t go on vacation, I’ll bring all the sunny vibes to your office!

Let’s use these glorious summer days to inspire your team with a dynamic, interactive, tailor made workshop! The only SPF you’ll need is a Super Passionate Future! (Hey, I’m trying here….and all this without coffee.)

What’s waiting for you? Here’s an example. Today was a 90-minute adventure where I shared tips, tricks, tools & techniques on:
*How to speak with impact and create true value for your audience
*The mindset of clarity and confidence when it comes to communication
*The planet of prep vs the planet of delivery
*How to make the board room never feel like the bored room
*How to make data sexy
*Storytelling angles in unexpected places
*Using your voice for color and tone
*How to deal with nerves when All Eyes Are On You…
….and a lot more.

Then everyone had a few minutes to prepare their own talk, and immediately apply what they were learning, and got full circle feedback. Not just from the coach (on their pronunciation, body language, grammar, vocabulary, etc), but also from their peers. A wonderful way to connect, be vulnerable, and see your team in a new light. The spotlight!

If you’d like to keep your summer cool and your team inspired and engaged while learning new skills and having FUN, contact me for a tailor-made masterclass that will inspire, entertain, and leave your team with communication skills for life!
I am happy to do this in Dutch or in English, bij de weg.

(Oh, and native speakers are also welcome! Just because English is your first language doesn’t mean you always use it effectively!)
I say…..this Summer’s Cool! (Say it out loud and you’ll get it!)

Would you like to discuss the options? Let’s go!
Click HERE to let me know.

Talk soon,
X Buffi

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