No effort = huge impact

Happy, happy Monday to you! I hope yours is off to a great start! Mine sure is, because the crowdfunding for my new book “100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English!” has now reached 14%.! I hope I can count on your support. My new book covers 100 different ways to do lots of groovy stuff in English communication- like how to nail that next pitch, put the ‘present’ back in your presentations, and get the ‘go’ in your negotiations. When I reach 100% I will personally donate 100 books to 100 refugees. Can I count on your support? Click hier to pre-order at a discount! Thank you so much!

I saw a VIP client last week. She won Entrepreneur of the year, is a Unicef Ambassador, was personally invited to have lunch with Prime Minister Cameron at 10 Downing Street to launch a new initiative, and is a pioneer in the IT industry. She’s also very kind. She donated all of her old laptops to me to use at the refugee center where I volunteer. I could not thank her enough when I picked them up. And in her modestly, she said ‘Oh, we were just getting rid of them. It took no effort at all, and I’m so glad you could use them.”

My friend Momen is a brilliant economist who recently fled Syria. He was applying at a university here to get an advanced degree. He needed a letter of motivation in English. He wrote it and I edited it. It took no effort and very little time for me to do this for him. He got in.

Yesterday I went to my Yoga Studio to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. We had lots of different lessons, and one of the teachers walked around and helped us all individually with our poses. She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed it gently in the right direction. It took her no effort, but the results were tremendous. My body finally understood how to do that pose. (And boy, am I feeling it now!)

I guess I just wanted to share these 3 little stories with you to remind you that something that could take no effort on your part can really have a deep and meaningful impact on someone else. What do you have to give? Do you have a bit of time to spend with someone? Can you share a skill or a service with someone who needs it? Opportunities to help are everywhere. And the effect it could have on someone else cannot be underestimated.

What can you share today?
Write me back, I’m so curious!

(And writing me back is sharing. It’s communication, and that’s the best way to share, as far as I’m concerned!)

With love,

PS: If you want to get to know me really, really fast, check out thiscandid interview with the Happy Places Project on why I choose to live my life filter-free (and why I said no when they first asked me). Where’s your happy place? Tell me, darling!

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