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Hey, there, lovely! Forgive me for writing so much already without telling you how awesome you are! How could I ever forget? Oh, and my sincerest apologies for not attending that last training session we had about how to keep customers satisfied. Did I miss much? Guess not.


I was honored to be on the jury for Nederland Vertaalt  – we went through over 200 entries and had to hug it out long and hard (I’m a lover, not a fighter) to see which song translation was the best. It was a hard battle, but the winner will be announced in March!

I was back in Utrecht for my new Business English course for Music Management students at the HKU. What a great group! Thank you so much for laughing at my lame jokes all day. See you in a week or so! And do your homework!

My darling Anneke van Giersbergen and I sat and worked on her new album. I was so inspired by her brilliance that I did a little chair dance, which she captured on film.


Why should learning English be boring? No way, Jose! Not with this crazy lady driving the Rock Your English! limo. Klik hier to see my personal video invitation for my new workshop on 2 March in Amsterdam – space is limited and time is running out – have you grabbed your ticket yet?

We’re going to pimp up your grammar, pronunciation, and writing skills, starting at 19.99! And laugh and grab some great tunes while we’re pimping. It’s your chance to get individual feedback and insight into your strengths and weaknesses in English. Info here – and don’t forget to use SPRING as the discount code!

I can’t wait to see you there- we wouldn’t dream of having the party without you!


I love grammar. I love artists. I love sharing. I’ve combined them all in my free gift to you – a free English lesson on the Conditionals, starring the lovely Wouter Hamel. Find out about sexy grammar and see how well you do on our Rock Your English! Pop Quiz! Enjoy and spread the love!

Click here to watch!


“Hey B, is it ‘its’ or ‘it’s’? HELP!” – N.

B to the rescue (after finding a phone booth to change in).
First of all, if you talk, no one will know the difference. So that’s groovy. However, the truth comes out when you write. It’s really easy, actually- ‘it’s’ is short for ‘it is’, and ‘its’ has to do with possession. If it makes sense to say ‘it is’ when it’s used (see? I just did it right there) then you know it’s ok (OMG I just did it again!).

So, ‘It’s raining men’ is cool (and pretty awesome, if you ask me), but ‘the jury has reached it’s decision’ is very far away from cool. Here’s a quick and dirty worksheet to test yourself right now! Try it and see how you do. Answers are included.


Like chocolate bars. And ice creams. And gin and tonics.

Thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today. I love connecting with all of you so feel free to drop me a line via Twitter or Facebook.

Sending you an orange yacht to whisk you off to the private island off the coast of the country of your choice filled with gin and tonic trees and edible flowers and chocolate covered reverse-calorie enemies you can devour with every bite…in my head…

wit lof from buffi. x

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