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Sweet, sweet you, you so rock! I am so honored that you let me slip into your mailbox today. I will leave it with a few English treats and then be on my way, as I have to clean my swimming pool immediately.


Look at your watch. You’re not wearing a watch? Oh. Then look at your computer. (Oh, silly me, of course you are looking at a computer – this is on your screen!) Oh. You’re not on your computer, but on your phone? Then look at your phone. (Again, silly looks really, really good on me.) What time is it? I’ll tell you….it’s new workshop time – Summer Lovin’, baby!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 15th! That’s when we are launching a new concept in Rock Your English! Workshops (drum roll please…)…..Rock Your Business English!

How do you structure a good presentation in English? What are the biggest mistakes people make when negotiating in English? How can you use formal and informal language to increase your professional communication? Well, that’s what we will be working on (and more!) from 10.30-12.30 that day. And from 1-5 we will work on Writing, Grammar, and Pronunciation. We also have a brand new module at the end of the day – Advanced Grammar! This is a great way to dive deep into the complexities of grammar and activate them in my fun rock & roll way. Join the fun!


The Good News is that you can get an Early Bird discount if you order your ticket before May 1st. This means the whole day for 75 euros instead of 99.99. To order your ticket, click here and use the discount code EARLYBIRD to get 25 euros off. Click here to order!


I am so excited to work with you all again I made a little movie talking about…Summer Lovin’! Check it out here


Sigh. I love them. I love them so much. Being the coach on the Golden Oldies show has been the most beautiful challenge of my career. I was so proud to be with them on Sunday 7 April, when their long- awaited concert at the famous Carré Theater in Amsterdam took place. It was a very special experience to be coaching there early in the afternoon, in an empty theater, with only a few producers and crew members around- we had the whole place to ourselves and could run around naked (but we didn’t). I was so very proud to see how far my darlings came from our starting point months before. The show was beyond fantastic and I can’t say too much about it, but you’ll see it (and me, crying/dancing/hugging/drinking whisky) at the end of April when it’s aired on Saturday at 9.45 pm on BNN.

Oh, and by the way…the next time I hear someone say ‘I’m too old to learn English’, I’ll just send them to Jopie, age 93, who never missed a lesson. Sigh. Miss them already!


All good things must come to an end. Like my girlfriend’s car, which just broke down. We’re going to ask some people to help us, but I’ll let her do the talking.

Sweet darling, I send you a dozen red roses made of calorie-free chocolate, brought to you by the Chippendale/cheerleader of your choice, who salutes you in your awesomeness, and showers you in glitter-covered Buffilove….in my head. See you next week!

wit lof from buffi xx

I’m very ingeburgerd

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