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Hello there, you gorgeous creature. You, yes, you. Have I told you lately how fabulous you are? That you totally and utterly ROCK? What? Not since last week? Time flies when you’re having fun!


Well, my darling, I’m so glad you asked! I’m on the 8th editing round of my new book “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English” and this is sexy talk for spending hours thinking about quotation marks, italics, commas, and lots of other fascinating stuff. I have to be honest – it’s not the easiest thing in the world, or the most fabulous part of my life, but I know it will be worth it – my beautiful baby and your gorgeous hands deserve only the very best!

I turned 45 last week and was delighted, stunned, and overwhelmed by the 500+ messages I received. My inbox blew up, my phone melted, and I started the day with a sushi breakfast in bed. What more could you ask for? Thank you all so much!!


I’ve been teaching, and coaching a lot – it’s great to be back in a classroom again! I’m also working on the new Within Temptation album, and Sharon wrote about it on their blog! You can read ithere


Sweet, darling . You know I adore you and I only want the best for you. That’s why I feel the need to tell you that my book will not be on special offer for long. You can pre-order it for 10 eurosand it will be shipped to you for free, but only for 8 more days. After that, you have to wait until October 23. Then it’s available in lots of stores, but it won’t be 10 euros anymore!

We also have a special offer for you and your lovely friends. If you’d like to come to our Fab Launch Party, hosted by Eric Corton and featuring intimate performances by a balladeer, Charlie Dee, Hadewych Minis, Sharon Doorson, Sunday Sun, Mister & Mississippi, Adriaan Persons, do join us! We have a special price for 6 tickets – just 150 euros! It’s 22/10 at Knijn Bowling in Amsterdam. Can’t wait to party with you there!

These offers, and all other offers and discounts related to my book funding end in just 8 days. I don’t want you to live with a shred of regret – act now or else when you read about it in the papers or see it on TV, you might hang your gorgeous head in shame and whisper, slowly, “That should have been me…” I don’t want that to happen to you.


…sometimes and you can see why in this video! Oh, and by the way…this guy is 102 years old and I’m totally in love with him.


“Hi Buffi, I love your newsletter! When do I use “OF” and “OFF”? I get confused! Thanks!” – from M, via email.

Thanks for asking Ms M! This is a very common mistake. First of all, they are pronounced differently.“Of” should actually rhyme with “love” and “glove” (and you know there’s a great English expression – “No glove, no love”, right? Just don’t make me explain it, ok?). “Off” should rhyme with “cough”.

Of” is used to connect things or people – “a friend of mine”, “made of gold”, “the King of England”. It’s also used for direction – “She lives north of the library”, “His office is on the left side of the room”. “Off” is used in combination with a verb – “Please turn off the light”, “He took off his shoes”, “She fell off the mechanical bull and broke a nail”.

Hope that helps!

Do you have a question? Something you’re dying to know in English but afraid to ask? The stupidest question is the one left unasked! Feel free to mail me (, Twitter me @rockyourenglish or Facebook message (Buffi Duberman) me anytime!


Because I have to leave you my love. And it hurts me just as much as it might hurt you. But no worries, dear. I will be back in your inbox next week again, leaving it with some tips and tricks and maybe a lame joke or two. Until then, I’m sending you a huge bed filled with some lovely pillows, gorgeous roses next to your nose, and a breakfast in bed brought to you by the Chippendale/Cheerleader of your choice. Wearing nothing but a smile… my head.

Wit lof from buffi x.


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