The 2 conversations you forget every time you speak…..


Let’s talk about the 4 conversations.
Yup, 4.

I recently had a coaching session with a client and shared this thought with him, which he found to be a real gamechanger. I wanted to share it with you here.

When you are talking to one person, there are actually 4 people speaking. Not 2.

One conversation is the words coming out of your mouth and reaching the other person.
Another is the words coming out of their mouth and reaching you.

But there are 2 other conversations we often overlook:
The one you are having with yourself in your head, and the one they are having with themselves in their head.

Are you sharing out loud what you are really feeling and thinking in your head?
Why not?
What’s holding you back?

Is it guilt, shame, fear of being judged, afraid of making a mistake, or sounding stupid?
Or a combination of the above?

Guess what.
There is a good chance that your conversational counterpart might also be struggling with the same internal dialogue.

Keep this in mind the next time you talk to someone.
The way you talk to yourself shows up in how you talk to the world.

Take a moment to check in with your self-talk and see how this is reflected in the words you use.

Let me know how it goes!

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All the best,

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